Raw Meaty Bones

Raw Meaty Bones

Raw Meaty Bones are great for:

  • Satisfying your pet’s natural desire to chew
  • Exercising jaws, especially for puppies
  • Helping to keep the teeth clean and stimulating the gums
  • Providing an all-natural source of glucosamine for arthritis/joint pain
  • Serving as a calcium source in your homemade diet
  • Stretching your food budget without compromising quality nutrition

How to add Raw Meaty Bones to your pet’s feeding routine:

  • Replace some of your pet’s normal daily diet with an equal amount of RMB, up to 50%
  • Let your pet enjoy an occasional whole meal of RMB, perhaps once or twice a week.
  • Keep the overall amount of food fed per day the same as always; just substitute some RMB for your usual kibble, homemade, or Aunt Jeni’s (or other ) pre-made raw diet.

Tips for feeding:

  • ALWAYS supervise your pet, no matter how much experience you have with feeding bones!
  • If your pet doesn’t know what to do with the RMB, try holding one end while encouraging her to chew on the other; be careful of your fingers! Try holding your end with a pair of pliers.
  • For a small dog or a cat, you may want to chop the RMB into smaller pieces. Let puppies or kittens tackle oversized bones; they can’t choke, and they will have lots of fun!
  • For older pets, the use of Digestive Aid (enzymes and/or probiotics) may be beneficial.
  • Never cook RMBs! Cooking will make the bones splintery and dangerous. R stands for RAW