Raw Dinners

Pavlov's Dogs Cartoon

So often we hear "I don't have time" [to prepare home made diets for my pets] or "I can't afford it," or "It's too much trouble." Are these "bad" pet owners? Absolutely not! They, perhaps like you, are busy people who want the best for their pets, yet are not able to invest the time and effort that goes into feeding a home made pet food. Surprise! You can have it both ways: superior meals for your pets, and convenience for you. Now you can relax and leave the hard part to us, giving you more quality time to spend with your pets!

Why Create Another Pet Food? We care. It's as simple as that. We feel that too many pet food companies are providing inferior nutrition for our pets, leading to the alarming rise in health problems such as itchy skin, excessive gas, diabetes, pancreatitis, hip dysplasia, and all types of cancers. This translates into shorter, poorer quality lives for beloved pets, and higher vet bills for their caretakers.

You can rest assured that our food has been carefully formulated and analyzed by qualified, degreed, experienced animal nutritionists not only to meet but to exceed CVMA, NRC, and AAFCO requirements. The ingredients used have been carefully selected to provide superior, essential nutrition for your pet(s). All ingredients are human-grade and are personally inspected for freshness and quality.to ensure that your pet will receive optimal nutrition from our product. Aunt Jeni’s Home Made® is indeed "The diet Mother Nature intended"® for our carnivorous dog, cat, and ferret companions. Our very own pets receive nothing but the best, and our food is it! We believe your pets deserve the best, too.

In the increasingly crowded pet food market, Aunt Jeni’s Home Made® stands above its competition for several important reasons. We don't just claim to be "nutritionists;" we have the experience, education and academic degrees to back up our claim! No other fresh-food diet on the market is brought to you by credentialed Animal Nutritionists holding advanced degrees in the field.


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