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New Account Application

We focus our efforts on providing direct-to-consumer sales. We are selective about which stores are allowed to carry our products.

If you are an individual who operates as a breeder or a rescue and are seeking "wholesale" on that basis, please contact us for a special Professional Discount available on a case by case basis to those who qualify.

If you operate a legitimate brick-and-mortar retail store and would like to establish a Wholesale account with us, we require the following materials be completed and submitted prior to our consideration of your location:


Miscellaneous occasionally needed items:

Ordering Information

We accept orders by:

      • E-mail - sales@auntjeni.com
      • Fax - 301-702-1508
      • Telephone - 301-702-0123
      • Online order form, see below for details

If you have been approved as a wholesale account, you may click here for our online order form.

The form will open in Excel (or an Excel reader) and may be completed on your screen.

There are specific details regarding order minimums, shipping charges, etc. listed at the bottom of the order form.


Once completed, you may save and attach the file to an email to return your order to us.

Please email completed orders to sales@auntjeni.com.

Alternatively, you may print and fax the completed order to 301-702-1508.

Once the order is received and reviewed, we will contact you with a confirmed total and to make payment arrangements.