Supplement Ingredients

Our supplements are formulated by us and custom made for us in a facility that specializes in producing supplements for humans.

All ingredients are of the highest quality, as they are intended for use in human supplements. We work hard to ensure that no ingredients from China are used in any of our products. The majority of supplements on the market, whether for humans or pets, most likely contain Chinese-sourced ingredients, even if the company is an American company. It is extremely challenging, and much more expensive, to create a product that contains absolutely nothing from China!

Caution: supplements made specifically "for pets" may be of inferior quality, cheaply made from substandard ingredients. Always check the "serving size" too, as you may need to give one tablet, capsule or wafer per so many pounds of body weight of the pet, which can add up to a lot of pills! This does not really save money in the long run.