FAQs: Our Supplements

Full label information for each of our products is available in our online store.

The Digestive Aid is more effective if given with each meal. The suggested dosage is based on your pet's body weight and is the amount necessary to help digest the meal with which it is administered.

This is true and the good news is that if you use our Enhance Fish Oil with Vitamin E, you won’t need to add anything.  We have included an actual therapeutic dose of Vitamin E in our oil, not just a trace amount as a preservative that you find in some oils.  We have also used the natural form of Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) which has been proven to be more readily utilized in the body than the synthetic (dl-alpha tocopherol) version.

Our All Systems Go! Total Health Aid is a low-dose vitamin and mineral supplement. It is not a synthetic vitamin/mineral premix, but an all-natural blend of whole foods such as "green" plants/herbs, sea vegetation, liver and anchovy.  All the nutrients on the label are supplied naturally by these ingredients.

For cats, you should only use the First Aid for Cats because it does not contain the Lavender essential oil.  Essential oils can be toxic to cats because their livers are unable to metabolize certain compounds in the oils.  Exposure to these oils can cause liver damage and repeated use/exposure can result in death.

Dogs, on the other hand, can use either product.  The Lavender essential oil is added to the First Aid for Dogs because it has a calming effect, aids in wound healing and is good for the skin.