FAQs: Raw Meaty Bones

No, of course you don't have to feed RMB if you are not comfortable doing so. But if you're up to it, your pet will no doubt enjoy it! Remember, the consumption of RMB by dogs and cats is completely natural. Even if your large dog swallows a chicken neck whole, there is no cause for concern (it will digest ok). But still be sure you always supervise your pets while they are enjoying their RMBs!

It's tempting, but please don't use RMB as the only food source for the long term. An occasional meal of all RMB is ok, but your pet needs other nutrients that don't exist in a diet comprised solely of RMB. Also, excessive bone in the diet may lead to constipation. If this becomes an issue for your pet, try reducing the amount of RMB you use. Supplementing with some oil may ease the immediate situation.