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What's "Wrong" with "Dog Food" and "Cat Food": The most often asked question is addressed in a logical way

The Importance of Feeding a Natural Diet: What is a "Natural Diet" and Why Should I Feed it to My Pets?

What About Germs? Concerns about germs and parasites in raw meat

Is Your Pet’s Food Safe? What precautions can and should manufacturers take to ensure safety in the products they produce?

Acrylamide: Another reason dry pet foods might be harming your pets.

Detox: What it is, what to expect, and how to handle it.

Incontinence: inability to hold urine (occurs most often in spayed female dogs).

Arthritis: some suggestions for natural supplements that may help alleviate symptoms of pain and stiffness caused by arthritis or hip dysplasia.

Geriatric Dogs: Is there anything special about taking care of an older dog?

Kennel Cough: How it spreads, how it can be treated.

Cystinuria: An inherited, metabolic disorder affecting the ability of canines to properly reabsorb the amino acid cystine, resulting in bladder stones. Can a diet change help?

Enzymes: What are they, where do they come from, and who needs them?

Bones v. Bone Meal: Why do we need to feed our pets bones, and which is better--bones or bone meal? Aren't they the same thing?

Organic Foods: What's the Fuss?: What does "organic" really mean and why is it so important--or is it?

Copper Toxicosis--Chronic Active Hepatitis: An indepth look at the causes and treatments for dog breeds prone to this disorder.

AAFCO Feeding Trials: What is involved in conducting a feeding trial for pet food according to AAFCO protocol?

Mad Cow Q&A: With the first ever case of Mad Cow just reported here in the US, should we be alarmed about feeding beef to our pets?

Meat Info: Where does our meat come from?

How Do I Get My Cat to Eat Your Food? Help with transitioning tips for introducing our finicky feline friends onto a raw food diet, by our resident cat expert!

Our Opinion of the Delta Society’s Raw Protein Diet Policy Therapy pets fed a raw-diet have been banned from participating in the Pet Partners Program. Why? Is this fair? Here’s what we think!

Giving Rawhide Bones to Dogs: What You Need to Know An eye-opening review of how rawhide treats are made. This article is located on an external website and is not written by Aunt Jeni's Home Made.