We cannot guarantee that your pet will like or eat our products. Pets, especially cats, get used to eating certain kinds of food and it can be challenging to get them to change to something different. Sometimes a lot of perseverance and persuasion are needed to make a complete changeover to the new diet. If your pet will not eat the food, even after a lot of persuasion, and you feel that the food will go to waste, we suggest donating it to a shelter. No refunds will be given on raw products.

We are not veterinarians and cannot diagnose your pet or “prescribe” a diet or a supplement for your pet. We can and will gladly make suggestions for your pet based on information you provide to us. But we recommend you consult with your veterinarian before changing the diet of a sick animal or incorporating any new supplements, especially in cases where medications or other treatments are already being used.

While evidence abounds that miraculous improvements have been obtained through the use of certain nutritional herbs, vitamins, and minerals, not all health conditions can or will be improved by using these items. The products offered for sale on this web site carry no guarantees. If your pet suffers from a serious or life-threatening ailment, you are strongly advised to consult with your veterinarian or other health care professional.