Feeding Chart

One of the most frequently asked and yet most difficult questions to answer pertaining to a fresh-foods diet, is "how much should I give my pet at each meal?"

The following chart will help you determine how much of our frozen food to feed your dog, cat, or ferret in a day, and how much you would need for a month's supply. The quantities suggested here are based on the "2% rule," by which you would feed your pet 2% of his or her body weight daily. You may divide this amount into two or more feedings per day if you wish.

Please remember, this chart is provided to give you a rough idea of a starting point when first ordering our food. Your pet's needs may be greater or less, depending on your pet's age, health, and activity level, among other factors. You are the best judge of your pet's needs. As you transition your pet to the new diet, and keep an eye on the changes you will see, you will know whether you need to adjust the feeding amounts up or down.

Important! Young puppies will almost always require much more food than the feeding chart indicates. This makes sense, since they are growing, energetic babies, busy forming healthy bone structure, teeth, and a nice shiny coat. It is very difficult to determine a set amount your puppy "should" eat. It is not unusual for a puppy to eat as much as the guideline states for his or her projected adult weight! Just keep an eye on your baby--do not let him/her become "roly poly"--a hungry/lean puppy is a healthy puppy.

Weight of Pet

Daily Food Requirement

One Month Supply

5 pounds

1/8 pound, or 1/4 cup

3 pounds

10 pounds

1/4 pound, or 1/2 cup

6 pounds

25 pounds

1/2 pound, or 1 cup

15 pounds

50 pounds

1 pound, or 2 cups

30 pounds

75 pounds

1.5 pounds, or 3 cups

45 pounds

100 pounds

2 pounds, or 4 cups

60 pounds

125 pounds

2.5 pounds, or 5 cups

75 pounds

150 pounds

3 pounds, or 6 cups

90 pounds

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