Guaranteed Analysis

Aunt Jeni’s Home Made Pet Food

We regularly submit random samples of our products to independent outside laboratories specializing in food analysis, for current guaranteed analysis information. The guaranteed analyses can and sometimes do change slightly from one time to the next. Lab test results can be affected by a variety of factors; rarely will the same sample produce identical results twice in a row. Additionally, since we use only whole-food ingredients, there will always be minor fluctuations in the nutrient composition of the ingredients, depending on where they were grown (i.e. soil composition varies in different areas). We do not add and subtract synthetic powders to each batch in order to control the exact measurable levels of each vitamin and mineral according to a predetermined formula. For this reason, you may notice our GA change a little from time to time, but it’s no reason for concern. We do not ever change our existing recipes!

Click the images below to download a pdf file of the complete Guaranteed Analysis of each of our recipes. On the charts, the top section (Protein through Carbohydrates) numbers are reported on an "as fed" basis*. AAFCO Nutrient Profiles for Dog Food and Cat Food are provided for your reference. AAFCO has not established any nutrient profiles for ferrets. Blank spaces in any of the AAFCO columns indicates AAFCO has not established any required minimum/maximum for that particular nutrient. AAFCO numbers are shown on a Dry Matter Basis. To facilitate comparison, the Mineral and Vitamin analyses of our recipes have been converted to Dry Matter Basis.

*To Convert “As Fed” Values to “Dry Matter” Values:

  1. Take the amount of moisture in the Guaranteed Analysis and subtract it from 100.
  2. Take the value you wish to convert, and divide it by the number you got in Step 1.
  3. Multiply your answer by 100; this is the % on a Dry Matter Basis.


    Example: Dog Food, Chicken Recipe
    • 100 - 71% Moisture = 29
    • 10% Protein / 29 = .34
    • .34 x 100 = 34% Protein on a Dry Matter Basis

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