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We are excited to offer a brand new treat: dehydrated fish! Currently we are using whole, wild-caught sardines from Chile. Sardines are high in Omega-3 essential fatty acids, and the bones provide extra Calcium, making these a healthy choice of treat for your dog or cat.


Your choice of 3 dehydrated treats: Rabbit Ears, Rabbit Feet, and Rabbit Lungs. $9.99 per bag, bags range from 4 oz to 8 oz. Please be aware that Rabbit Ears and Rabbit Feet are furry and look like what they are, which is upsetting to some people. Rabbit Lungs are more non-descript, and are similar to our Dogitos.


Try an "exotic" meat that is a novel protein for most pets: ostrich!  Ostrich is a red meat that is low-fat and hypo-allergenic.  Ours is USA raised; the blend includes meat, bone and organ meat.  Currently available in a 3 lb. frozen container (the same container as our frozen diets) for $19.75.  We ship on dry ice in special Styrofoam coolers with no extra charge for these materials. Shipping charges are additional.  Minimum order quantities apply. This item may be ordered online (in the Raw Diet category) and may also be mix ‘n matched with other 3# containers. This item is NOT a complete and balanced meal!


These aren’t technically “new” but we have just updated their look with new packaging! You can find them in our online shopping area, in their own category. As with all of our perishable items, it’s complicated to streamline the online ordering process. But you can view our selections with photos in our online store. Full cases may be ordered right online and you may mix ‘n match different kinds of RMB in a case. For quantities less than a full case, we can add a few bags of RMB to a frozen food order. It’s really best if you are interested in RMB to give us a call or send us an e-mail for assistance. We ship on dry ice in special Styrofoam coolers with no extra charge for these materials. Actual shipping charges are additional.

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