Checkout Instructions

When you submit your credit card number to purchase products from our online store, we offer the use of a secure server. If you choose to use the secure server, the secure server software (SSL) encrypts the credit card information you submit before it is sent to us. This helps assure that the information is protected against unauthorized access. We do not store credit card numbers online.

An Important Note for Frozen Items: When you open your box, you may find that some of the packages are less frozen than others. Is it still ok to use the product? Yes! Even if the food has thawed in transit, it is perfectly safe to feed to your pets. We have tested our shipping cartons and found them to hold the food safely for up to six days. The food may also be re-frozen in your own freezer with no worries about safety, nutrient or flavor impairment. Thawed food keeps 3-5 days in your refrigerator.

We cannot be responsible for mishandling or late delivery of boxes by UPS or FedEx. Shipment of perishable items is not guaranteed by any common carrier. We will always stand behind our products 100%, but we cannot accept responsibility for shipping problems that are beyond our control.

If for some reason your package is delayed and the products are spoiled, please do not refuse the shipment. Customers who refuse UPS or FedEx shipments will be charged the return shipping fee. We ask that you discard the contents yourself to avoid the return shipping fee. Notify us promptly of any shipping mishaps so we may do our best to assist you.

In case of inclement weather: We may not always be aware of unusual or adverse weather conditions in your area that could affect the timely delivery of your order. If bad weather is in the forecast, please take that into consideration before placing an order for perishable products. Packages delayed due to Acts of God (including inclement weather) are not eligible for any reimbursement of charges for either shipping or product value.

We cannot guarantee that your pet will like or eat our products. Pets, especially cats, get used to eating certain kinds of food and it can be challenging to get them to change to something different. Sometimes a lot of perseverance and persuasion are needed to make a complete changeover to the new diet. If your pet will not eat the food, even after a lot of persuasion, and you feel that the food will go to waste, we suggest donating it to a shelter. No refunds will be given on raw products.

Your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions as part of the checkout process constitutes your "electronic" signature authorizing us to charge the credit card you provide during the checkout process, and affirming that you have read and agreed to our Terms & Conditions, including our Shipping InformationReturn Policy and all Disclaimers.  You further attest that you are placing your order after having been informed of the following:

  • All frozen item sales are final. No refunds will be given on any raw frozen food or raw meaty bones.
  • Timely delivery of your items is not guaranteed (unless you have chosen an expedited, guaranteed service such as 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air).
  • You agree not to refuse a shipment that is delivered late; if you refuse such a shipment you will be charged for the associated return shipping fees.