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Our Frozen Raw Food Dinners for Dogs, Cats & Ferrets are::

  • Complete & Balanced for all life stages.
  • All-Natural: No Preservatives; No Synthetic Vitamins; No Fillers; Nothing Artificial
  • Human-Grade: Our emphasis is on fresh, whole, raw meats and produce, safe and suitable for human consumption. We never use ingredients from China; we source everything in the USA, with a few exceptions (like Papaya, which does not grow abundantly in our country).
  • Maximum Variety: our formulas are based on three different veggie/fruit combinations and five different protein sources.
  • Single-source Proteins: We do not mix protein sources in our recipes. The meat, bones and organs in each different formula are all from the same species.
  • 100% Raw
  • 100% Grain-Free
  • 100% American Made; never co-packed
  • Veterinarian Recommended
  • Made with Love: we love your pets as if they were our own, and it shows!

Peace of Mind:

All our products are labeled in accordance with AAFCO requirements, and made by us, in the USA, under the roof of our very own FDA-reigstered, inspected and approved manufacturing facility. We never use "co-packers" or ingredients from China. Because we care!

Feeding Chart:

Weight of Pet

Daily Food Requirement

One Month Supply

5 pounds

1/8 pound, or 1/4 cup

3 pounds

10 pounds

1/4 pound, or 1/2 cup

6 pounds

25 pounds

1/2 pound, or 1 cup

15 pounds

50 pounds

1 pound, or 2 cups

30 pounds

75 pounds

1.5 pounds, or 3 cups

45 pounds

100 pounds

2 pounds, or 4 cups

60 pounds

125 pounds

2.5 pounds, or 5 cups

75 pounds

150 pounds

3 pounds, or 6 cups

90 pounds

For More Help:

For help with transitioning, choosing supplements, and other Frequently Asked Questions, please see our tri-fold brochure. Brochures are available in the store, or may be downloaded in pdf form by clicking here.