Raw Meaty Bones for Dogs & Cats

  • Raw Meaty Bones are great for:

    • Satisfying your pet’s natural desire to chew
    • Exercising jaws, especially for puppies
    • Helping to keep the teeth clean and stimulating the gums
    • Providing an all-natural source of chondroitin for arthritis/joint pain
    • Serving as a calcium source in your homemade diet
    • Stretching your food budget without compromising quality nutrition

    Eco-friendly packaging! Resealable, compostable, freezer-proof, leak-proof bag.

  • Chicken Necks:

    Chicken Necks. Individually frozen, skinless chicken necks. Bag is approximately 2 lbs and contains approximately 16 pieces.

    Duck Necks:

    Duck Necks. Individually frozen, skinless duck necks. Bag is approximately 2 lbs and contains approximately 8 pieces.

    Turkey Necks:

    Turkey Necks. Individually frozen, skinless turkey necks. Bag is approximately 2 lbs and contains 2 pieces.

  • Choice of Chicken Necks (small), Duck Necks (medium) and Turkey Necks (large).

    Chicken Necks Duck Necks Turkey Necks
    Crude Protein (min) 19% 18% 18%
    Crude Fat (min) 6% 6% 6%
    Crude Fiber (max) 0.2% 0.2% 0.2%
    Moisture (max) 68% 70% 71%
    Ash (max) 5% 5% 5%
    Calcium 1.6% 2.1% 1.7%
    Phospohorous 0.9% 0.8% 1%
    Ca:P 1.7:1 2.6:1 1.7:1
    Calorie Content (calculated) ME 33 kcal/oz 33 kcal/oz 33 kcal/oz
  • Keep frozen until ready to use. Our RMB are individually frozen, which makes it easy to remove and thaw just the amount you need and keep the rest frozen. Remove quantity to be used and thaw in the refrigerator before serving.

    How to add Raw Meaty Bones to your pet’s feeding routine:

    • Replace some of your pet’s normal daily diet with an equal amount of RMB, up to 50%
    • Let your pet enjoy an occasional whole meal of RMB, perhaps once or twice a week.
    • Keep the overall amount of food fed per day the same as always; just substitute some RMB for your usual kibble, homemade, or Aunt Jeni’s (or other ) pre-made raw diet.

    Tips for feeding:

    • ALWAYS supervise your pet, no matter how much experience you have with feeding bones!
    • If your pet doesn’t know what to do with the RMB, try holding one end while encouraging her to chew on the other; be careful of your fingers! Try holding your end with a pair of pliers.
    • For a small dog or a cat, you may want to chop the RMB into smaller pieces. Let puppies or kittens tackle oversized bones; they can’t choke, and they will have lots of fun!
    • For older pets, the use of Digestive Aid (enzymes and/or probiotics) may be beneficial.
    • Never cook RMBs! Cooking will make the bones splintery and dangerous. R stands for RAW
  • Raw Meaty Bone FAQs

    All the photos look the same. What's the difference between Chicken, Duck and Turkey necks?

    Great question! All of our RMB neck bones are skinless and individually frozen. The only real difference between them is in their size. Chicken necks are the smallest, and recommended for just about any size pet. Very small pets may need to have their RMB chopped smaller for them. Duck necks are about twice as long but not much larger in diameter than Chicken necks. Turkey necks are the largest, and we recommend these for larger dogs, or for a litter of puppies just learning to eat solid foods.

    Do I have to feed RMB to my pet? I am nervous about the bones.

    No, of course you don’t have to feed RMB if you are not comfortable doing so. But if you’re up to it, your pet will no doubt enjoy it! Remember, the consumption of RMB by dogs and cats is completely natural. Even if your large dog swallows a chicken neck whole, there is no cause for concern (it will digest ok). But still be sure you always supervise your pets while they are enjoying their RMBs!

    Wow, my pet LOVES these RMB. Why can’t I just feed RMB and nothing else?

    It’s tempting, but please don’t use RMB as the only food source for the long term. An occasional meal of all RMB is ok, but your pet needs other nutrients that don’t exist in a diet comprised solely of RMB.

    It is normal to observe firmer, "white" colored stools following the consumption of RMB; however, excessive bone in the diet may lead to constipation. If this becomes an issue for your pet, reduce the amount of RMB you use. Supplementing with some oil may ease the immediate situation.

    Did you know? RMB are a natural source of minerals, including calcium!

    Eco-friendly packaging! Resealable, compostable, freezer-proof, leak-proof bag.