Usage Guidelines

Congratulations on choosing a superior pet food!
Now that you’ve got it, how do you use it? Here are some guidelines to help you get your pet started on the road to well-being and superb health!
Where should I keep this food?
Please keep your packages of pet food frozen, and thaw as needed.
How do I thaw it?
We suggest thawing by placing the containers in your refrigerator, following proper handling procedures for raw, frozen foods. If you should forget to thaw enough pet food ahead of feeding time, it may also be thawed by submerging the closed container in a bowl of hot water, or by defrosting in your microwave for several minutes.
How long will it last in my refrigerator after I thaw it?
3-5 days.
Help! I just found some old containers in the back of my freezer. Is the food still good? How long can it keep in the freezer?
Not to worry: there should be a “best by” date stamped on the bottom of your container. The food remains safe to feed as long as it stays frozen, for up to a full year.
What if I don’t use it all in time, can I refreeze it?
Yes! Feel free to repackage smaller serving sizes in Ziploc bags or any type of container that is convenient for you. Re-freezing will not compromise the nutritional integrity of our pet food: rather it will preserve the nutrients and enzymes.
Do I have to cook it, or is it ready to serve?

To Feed Raw: We highly recommend that you feed this product to your pets raw, so that they may obtain the maximum benefit from their food. Simply thaw and serve the product. Warming to room temperature is kind to your pet’s tummy!

To Feed Cooked: If you prefer, our food may be cooked right in the container in the microwave (loosen the lid first). Alternatively, you may choose other cooking methods such as baking or pan frying.

How do I start using it?
We recommend a gradual transition, phasing out the old diet while mixing in the new food. Take 5-7 days for a healthy pet, longer for an older or ill pet, or if you encounter digestive upsets. Cats and ferrets may require extra perseverance! Use very tiny amounts of new food at the beginning. Cooking the food may help convert finicky pets. We suggest gradually reducing the cooking time until the product is being fed raw.
How much do I give my pet?
Our food is nutrient-dense and highly bioavailable. We generally suggest feeding ½ pound (i.e. 1 cup) of food daily for every 25 pounds of body weight. For smaller pets, this translates into ¼ cup for 5 pounds of body weight. If you feed twice per day, divide these amounts in half. Remember, each pet is an individual, and may require more or less than the amounts suggested here, due to age, gender, activity level, or other factors. You are the best judge of your pets’ needs. By watching your pet’s weight, you will easily be able to adjust the amount of food s/he needs. *NOTE* Puppies and kittens require higher daily amounts of food than what is shown here. We recommend feeding as much to your youngster as s/he will require at his/her full grown adult weight. Again, keep an eye on your baby and do not let him/her become “roly poly”. A lean puppy/kitten is a healthy one!
Trouble transitioning your cat?
See our helpful article here!


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